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What a ***king Rollercoaster!

The Subject Line of this post was the quote of a dear friend of ours upon hearing the latest spate of news in our ongoing saga. The last few days of cautious optimism, the result of the news of a positive pregnancy test on the 23rd, came crashing down this morning with an email letting us know that a subsequent blood-test three days later showed that the beta HCG level had plummeted from 43 down to 1. Unfortunately, it appears that ours has turned out to be a “biochemical pregnancy” – which is a term used to describe a situation where the embryo stops growing at a point where it’s still not visible on an ultrasound. The majority of times the reason for this happening is that the embryo doesn’t have the right number of chromosomes so it can grow for a while but doesn’t have the tools to sustain itself for very long. Needless to say, it’s not been a good day!

At this early stage, we’re in a bit of a daze and haven’t really thought through where to go from here. We’ve written to Dr. Banerjee to ask her opinion as to whether, given the type of miscarriage, it’s even worth considering repeating the process. No idea what we’ll do, irrespective of her response.

There is one thing this adventure has reminded us of – we are surrounded by amazingly supportive friends and family. You live virtually next door and around the world, you range in age from under 18 to over 80, you keep in touch over Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or via our blogs. You would confound any demographer attempting to pigeon-hole you into some analytic category. At every stage, regardless of the hilarious, the sad, the wacky or the sublime, your unstinting support has been invaluable to us staying motivated and ever-optimistic. And…we still are… So, thank you!

We’re still reeling over this but starting to look forward. Once the fog clears, we’ll take the path (whatever it may be) forward….