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The Twilight Zone

Oh…the jet lag! We’ve been home since Wednesday morning and, for the first couple of nights there was an excellent progression of waking times – 5am and 6am. Then I forgot the melatonin on Day 3…and bam – 3am! The result of all this is that one feels slightly detached from the world around you. What are the consequences of this detachment you may ask? Well, Brita, in particular, went zipping off to our storage locker  in North Vancouver on Friday morning (a nice 14km trip each way) to get our XMas decorations and realized that she had the wrong key when she got there. A second trip of another 28km ensued immediately thereafter. All was fine until this morning when we were all set to go and pick up a tree…and discovered that the base was still sitting in the storage locker. Right…28km trip number three… For your viewing pleasure, I enclose the Google Pedometer view of the backing and forthing below (by the way, this is an awesome tool to measure any distance you may want to travel).

The Twilight Zone effect doesn’t just apply to our walking zombie state, it also applies to the limbo we’re currently in waiting for news from India. The good Dr. Banerjee had gone missing on a “personal issue” for a couple of days before we left Delhi so we’d only received updates from an assistant. It turns out that she had a seriously high fever for a few days due to (they think) Chikungunya, which is a Dengue-like, mosquito-born disease. These damn mosquitos are seriously inconveniencing the entire process – that’s two victims (the first was surrogate number one, Neha, who got Dengue). Fortunately, Dr. B is back on her feet and back at it (she must be one tough cookie!).

The latest news is that, of the 8 little guys that were hanging in after 3 days, there were 4 that were Grade “A” and 4 that were Grade “B” (sounds like something put out by the British Columbia Egg Marketing Association). “A” is considered excellent and “B” is good. The Grade “B” dudes, however, started to show some fragmentation after Day 4 so weren’t considered good enough to be frozen (for a potential future effort). So…all four of the over-achiever Grade “A’s were transferred into Leena (apparently, it went well). All fingers and toes will be crossed for a positive pregnancy test on December 21st! They’ll test for increased levels of BHCG, which indicates that an embryo has successfully implanted. The results should be in by the 23rd and the hope is that, of the four, at least one will hang in there…

In the meantime, the XMas tree has finally gone up and an excellent glass of Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban (hooray for the Shanghai Airport Duty Free) is brightening the twilight as I write…


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  1. All of our fingers and toes are crossed here for both of you Mark as we anxiously await our grandbaby #5 to arrive. Seems too real to be true!!

    December 12, 2010 at 10:11 pm

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