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And They’re Off…Uh-Oh, Pinki Baby has been left at the start!

As a young kid, some long-forgotten horse racing aficionado warned me to beware of the combination of slow horses and fast women!

Clearly, I’ve taken this advice to heart because there’s no question that our adventures in surrogacy in India have now resulted in two, count ’em, two of our gestational carriers being left standing in the starting gate. In the process, my ability to make up fancy rhymes (Hee-Ha for Neha) or, more recently, cover tunes of questionable XMas songs (Santa Baby), have been severely compromised. As mentioned previously, poor Neha contracted Dengue fever while we were en route in Malaysia and yesterday we found that her substitute starter, the brilliantly named Pinki Baby, is taking too long to start her cycle (not her fault – her biology is not cooperating). So…third time lucky, let me introduce you all to Leena!


Notwithstanding the delays in starting the treatment (we MAY have to extend our stay by a few days), we’re quite pleased that Leena is going to be working with us. This is, without question, a woman with the soul of a linebacker! When we were first introduced to her, we were a bit nervous. Unlike Pinki Baby (we never met Neha), there was no question of deference – she looked us straight in the eye with nary a smile…tough as nails, I thought! However wary we were about her “nary”, we didn’t have a lot of choice as waiting for Pinki Baby was a risky proposition (time-wise). So…we sucked it up and took the plunge – Leena, it is, we told Dr. Banerjee. Well…she must have had her game face on for the interview because, once she was confirmed as being in the race, she was as jolly as anyone you’d care to meet! She doesn’t speak a word of English but (working through the translator) she was pleased as punch to pose for a pic and was grinning from ear to ear (she reverted slightly to the game face during the picture taking). As far as I’m concerned, if you’re going to have a carrier entrusted with your child, this is the kind of solid, no-nonsense, knows her own mind, don’t mess with me kinda woman you want! Now, if only I could think of an appropriate limerick….

We’re now in the process of waiting for Brita’s cycle to start so she can be stuffed full of all sorts of hormones! I am building a bunker to survive the process….:-)

The next post will cover our 6 great days in Calcutta – a bit out of order but thought I’d better give you all the surrogacy update tout de suite!

I will leave you with one of the more bizarre elements of using a local Indian mobile phone. Percy, our ever gracious host, has kindly provided us with a Nokia phone that we can charge up with minutes as and when necessary. What is very weird (God knows how to turn it off..and, I suspect, even he/she would have trouble) is that we must get a random text message from Vodafone every couple of minutes. Driving me around the bend! Here’s a sample of the profound questions received during the last hour. I’ve dubbed them (in a tribute to David Letterman) “Stupid Indian Text Tricks”.

“Make-up tips: Have a long face? Click OK!”
“Bolly Comedians: Who played the annoying guest in the film Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?”
“To play hockey, you need a ball and a hockey…?” (slightly offensive to us Canuck/Habs fans!)
“Are you marriage material? Test now! Which dish do you know how to cook?”

With suspicions I have a long face and doubtful about my talents about cooking the right dish, I think it’s time to head to bed and dream of fast horses…


2 responses

  1. Lisa

    You have to know that at this very moment, the entire house is trying to come up with something witty that rhymes with Leena…this may take a bit.

    November 18, 2010 at 8:42 pm

  2. Karsten

    Yeah, that’s awesome. Now you’re set, after being ready for so long.
    Certainly a lot more interesting than moving to Quebec (I just saw the CTV clip).

    November 19, 2010 at 12:54 am

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