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Last Minute Mayhem!

For two people who are generally supremely organized (well…actually..really…that’s just Brita), we’ve been running around like two headless chickens over the past two days. To put a finer point on that, here I sit (20 mins before we have to board) trying to zip out a blog update, lest I be accused of blogging intransigence!

A quick mention of our experience with invading news crews on Wednesday. It really was a great experience, even though we were both a tad nervous. It’s quite incredible how one can feel completely relaxed (even with the interviewer sitting across from you) but, as soon as the “red light” goes on, the light in your brain dims (just a wee bit). Neither Brita nor I can remember many of the details of either the questions or the answers now….so we’ll be as surprised as anyone else when it airs! I do have to say Mi-Jung Lee and Steve were great – they did their best to make the whole experience as easy-going as possible (except I’m still laughing at Brita sweeping fallen leaves in her 4-inch heels – Hah!). Who knows what will happen if we’re followed by a crew in Delhi or we magically appear via Skype video during the newscast. I shall have to wear something I packed (while being filmed) or the “continuity” police might be after me!

I was hoping that the kitty parade would be all morose and sad as they observed suitcases being strewn all over the place. Au contraire! Between falling fast asleep in them at various points over the past few days and generally appearing not to give a meow, they’re clearly very relaxed at the thought of being taken care of by our super kitty-sitter, Leigh!


There was even some resistance at the prospect of the recycling going out – the box was clearly meant for other purposes!

Penguin - recycling herself...

Getting organized for 5 weeks away is a bit of a crazy prospect – not quite the same as when I went on extended trips at the age of 19 (didn’t have to worry about thing left behind at all then). Fortunately, given we’re hanging out at Percy’s and couldn’t imagine being taken care of better in Delhi (or in Kuala Lumpur, for that matter), it’s not like forgetting the odd thing is going to matter much.

Well…here we sit – after going through the fastest airport check-in line up I’ve ever experienced! This is what it looked like when we first arrived:

Airport Mayhem

….and we got to the counter a mere 20 minutes later…mind-boggling! If this is any indication of the efficiency of China Eastern, maybe they’ll get rid of the jet lag as well! Here’s hoping…

Boarding awaits…and the adventure begins! I’d better quaff down that glass of wine that Brita just set in front of me. Now, that’s an excellent wife! To Malaysia with us….


One response

  1. Lisa

    Thank you for the laugh…your unconcerned feline kid’s photos are hilarious! Thinking of the 2 of you in your 1 glass wine haze as you take off within minutes!

    October 31, 2010 at 2:07 pm

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