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And so it begins…

Getting started in writing anything always seems to be the most difficult part and, in that vein, I’ve been trying to find a triggering event to get things kicked off. Of course, given the centre-stage the country seems to be holding (for good and bad) these days (the Commonwealth Games being the most obvious example), India provided the kick in the writing pants required!

Before I get to that silly tale, and for posterity’s sake as well as a good excuse to insert a pretty pic, I would like to announce that the day I began my blog was a depressingly blah, cloudy autumn day in Vancouver with an expected high in the mid-teens (centigrade, thank God!). So here we go, the blog’s first official pic, taken with the massive effort of slipping on my very ugly green “crocs”, taking two steps onto the back deck, kneeling down, fending off two curious cats, all the while wondering whether “macro” settings on cameras were a myth. Thankfully, the answer to the last is a decided no!

Fall in earnest...

Okay then, the preliminaries having been dispensed with, here’s the latest scoop!

Some of you already know, and those that don’t are going to find out now, that my wife Brita & I have been trying (horribly unsuccessfully) to produce some offspring for the last couple of years. This has involved bits that have been a lot of fun (obviously)…and those that really haven’t been very nice at all. We’ve gone through two full Invitro cycles, the first of which succeeded initially but ground to a halt after six weeks. The second, much to our great annoyance, didn’t work at all. It appears, from the advice of prominent medicos, that the problem may occur during the embryo implanting process – which means that going through another IVF process ourselves is unlikely to succeed. The only real option, then, is to have someone else do the heavy-lifting (ie. go through the pregnancy) for us. We’ve pondered the option of going through the surrogacy process in the US (ridiculously expensive) or in Canada (where you aren’t legally allowed to pay anyone – so complicated).

It then dawned on us that surely the country which has specialized in all sorts of global-outsourcing (call-centres, back-office procedures, etc…) would be all over this! And, yes….it is – as far as I can tell there must be 50 clinics specializing in this sort of thing all over the country! Given that I was born there, it seemed (and seems) to be an obvious choice. So…never being ones to hang around and watch the moss grow, we’ve winnowed the choice down to a private hospital/clinic in Delhi (based on some trusted references) called Adiva and, in particular, Dr. Banerjee, who works there. Having had a chat with her (seems very nice and professional) and bounced her references off our Canadian doc at PCRM in Vancouver, we’re very comfortable that we’ll be well taken care of. The first funds transfer has been sent off (I really wish they’d confirm receipt!) and we’re booked to head off (with a 6 day stop in Malaysia) on October 31st.

India requires we Canucks to have a visa to enter – fair enough. I’ve been back there on tourist visas since 1982 (& 1996, 1998, 2003 & 2006). I’ve even been there on a business visa in 2009. One would think that applying for another tourist visa would be a piece of cake. Hah! Oh, the mind-boggling insanity of the Indian bureaucracy…. I would hate to be accused of droning on incessantly on my very first post (that can come later), so, in the worst traditions of American television, I shall end post #1 on this cliffhanger…


4 responses

  1. The blog looks great, Mark! Will look forward to reading more of your adventures and hope for all good things for you both in India 🙂

    October 10, 2010 at 4:48 pm

    • Thanks Michelle! I only hope I can get to your writing standards one day! 🙂

      October 10, 2010 at 5:25 pm

  2. Honey

    Though aware of most of the ‘facts’ I most enjoyed Blog entry #1 – 2nd avatar and can’t wait for more Mr. D! : D ..all that blog talk has tempted me to start.. Am I that facinating..? We shall see…
    P.S. ‘winnowed’!? Amazing.
    Oh welcomed and missed dexterity of our mother tongue ; )

    October 12, 2010 at 4:22 pm

  3. Sharon & Doug

    Mark & Brita,
    Doug & I will follow your adventure with hope and love. xo Sharon

    October 31, 2010 at 4:45 pm

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